What I Will Do As Your Marriage Celebrant  ~

* As Your Commonwealth-registered, experienced Wedding Celebrant, I will help You cut through all the Legal 'Red Tape', so that you can focus on planning Your Big Day ..... 


* I will guide You to the Attorney-General's website, where all of the legal documents required under the Marriage Act 1961 of Australia and the Marriage Regulations 2017, are explained ........ click here    You can even download a Notice of Intended Marriage from the Attorney-General's website, that I can witness as your Authorised Celebrant, at our first meeting .......

* There are three (3) main legal documents to satisfy the requirements of the Marriage Act 1061 and the Marriage Regulations 2017.  The Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM), the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage and, the Official Certificate of Marriage.  The NoIM must be submitted to an authorised Celebrant no less than one (1) month and no more than eighteen (18) months prior to your scheduled wedding date.  The Declaration .... must be completed and signed by both parties to the marriage as close to the marriage date as practicable.  An Official Certificate of Marriage (and a Certificate of Marriage - which is retained by the Celebrant as proof that they officiated and were witness to the marriage) and an officially-numbered Presentation  or Ceremonial Certificate, are all signed and witnessed on the day of your wedding.  All the legal documentation required to register your marriage will be generated electronically using a specifically-formulated software programme.  After the wedding, I forward all of the signed and witnessed documents to Births, Deaths and Marriages (Q'ld) to register the marriage.   Should you wish to apply for an Official Certificate of Marriage (e.g. for change of name purposes) through BDM, I will forward your completed and signed application form with your marriage documents (charges apply).


* Your Love & Life Story will be at the cornerstone of the ceremony that we create together .... it will reflect Your Personalities, Shared Values, Dreams and Aspirations and be exactly how YOU want it!  You will  be offered 'skeleton ceremonies', poems, readings, etc. to draw from, to supplement Your Personalised  Story.  I will offer You guidance in writing Your Own Vows, pledges, messages, if you wish to present them as a 'surprise' to your loved one ....


* As Your Celebrant, I will provide all the resources necessary to conduct Your Ceremony in a professional manner .... Headset Mic, Industry-approved MiPro P.A., Handheld Mic. for Exchanging Your Vows, etc, Signing Table & Chairs, Quill Signing Pen, choice of Tablecloth & Chair Covers, additional resources for Unity Sand Ceremony, etc. 


* Most of all, I will GO THE EXTRA MILE, so that You experience A Wedding Day that You will always Look Back on and SMILE!

Love Is Love

Life is a Celebration

~   Love Is Love   ~

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