Same Sex Wedding Ceremony
Fee: $500
T & C's as per
Whole Kit 'n' Kaboodle
Same Sex Union
Tristan's Family

Name Giving Ceremony  

A Fine Romantz by Jaclyn will help you to create a ceremony that will reflect your Baby's / Child's individual story from their entry into this wide and wonderful world 'til present day ...


- Face-to-Face Meeting to exchange Naming Ceremony ideas;

- Unlimited 'Phone / Email / Text Correspondence to deliver a Personal, Tailor-made Ceremony about your Baby / Child;

- Your own music choices played during the ceremony;

- Copy of Framed Name Giving Certificate to Parents or Guardians;

- Copies of Name Giving Ceremony to Parents (and Grandparents on request);

- Certificates of Acknowledgement to Godparents;

- 'Surprise Gift' to Baby / Child.

Celebrant Fee ... Flat Fee $450.
A Fine Romantz by Jaclyn offers a range of packages to suit every Bride & Bridegroom, every Same Sex Couple, every Baby or Child to be Named, every Couple Renewing Their Vows, every Charity Fundraiser.

Ceremony Packages include:
Whole Kit 'n' Kaboodle Wedding


If it's a lavish affair you've got your hearts set on, well then, A Fine Romantz can deliver that too!



Face-to-Face Meetings to exchange Wedding Ceremony ideas;

Unlimited Email, Text, 'Phone Call communications;

All Legal Paperwork, including Notice of Intended Marriage;

Personalised Ceremony to reflect your Life and Love Story;

A Selection of Special Ritual / Symbolic Ceremonies to include in your Wedding Script, i.e. Unity Sand Ceremony, Handfasting, Dove Release;

A Fine Romantz to source & play your Music Choices;

Signing Table and Two Chairs - Tablecloth, Skirt & Chair Covers;

Ritual Ceremony Table (if requested);

Red Carpet Runway (if requested);

Copy of Wedding Ceremony, professionally-bound, for Marrying Couple;

Copies of Ceremony for Parents of Marrying Couple;

'Surprise Gift' for Marrying Couple.

Submit Application for Official Marriage Certificate with Signed Marriage Documents


T & Cs: Total Travel Distance ... <300kms


Celebrant Fee ... $550.


I've got some great ideas if you're hosting a special event, Milestone Birthday or Anniversary, Charity Fundraiser, etc.


I have special interest in people living with a disability, as I myself am a successful Heart / Lung Transplant Recipient.  I am also a Life Member of our Brisbane-based Queensland Lung Transplant Support Group Inc. Our incorporated Charity offers support to partners, family and friends of Lung and Heart/Lung patients on the waiting list, in the process of transplantation and during recovery from transplant at The Prince Charles' Hospital in Brisbane. 


Give me a call on my mobile to discuss your project.

Feast for the Eyes!

Registry-Style Wedding ~



If you would prefer a 'Just The Two of Us'- style Wedding,  A Fine Romantz has just the ticket.  All the legals will be covered with your two (2) witnesses present.  Your 'short and sweet' ceremony of not more than 20 minutes, will be professionally conducted in your home, garden, nearby parkland, wedding venue or community hall, etc.



Face-to-Face Meeting to exchange Ceremony ideas;

Legal Paperwork including Notice of Intended Marriage;

Unlimited 'Phone / Email / Text Correspondence to deliver a Bespoke Ceremony;

Copy of Ceremony Script for Couple.

Your Music Choices played during Ceremony. 

Total Travel Distance <100kms


Celebrant Fee ..... $500.00

Ceremony Packages

Beautiful Bride
All Babies and Bears Welcome!
Signing (3).jpg
Renewal of Vows
Fee: $450 ea.

CONTACT ME​​ (mob. 0409 054 854) for a free quote & to discuss your wedding celebration or event plans!